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Practical, Positive and Empowered Women Making A Difference

Who is Chana?

blog_chana_pic_smallChana is a world-changer – inspirational and original speaker, writer, mentor and role-model to hundreds of women across the world. Creating a new spin on the lives of women, Chana has empowered individuals to grow, improve and achieve their goals.

Its now time to ‘go global’. With a mission statement to make every girl feel like a ’10’, Chana will stop at nothing meet this goal.


Born in London, England, Chana graduated Law LLB Hons from the University of Nottingham in 2000. After a brief stint in politics, Chana moved to Israel where she reunited with and ultimately married her freshman vacation romance – Mitch. They moved to Santa Barbara, CA where Chana had her first child, Moshe. After two years, they relocated to downtown Toronto, Canada where Mimi, ¬†Eli and Aaron were born.¬†Chana now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Running women’s programming, teaching and blogging.

With a mild addiction to chocolate and a desire to change the world, Chana has made waves where ever she has landed. Now, on the web, her waves are going worldwide.

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