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Totally Worth It: Love Secret #10 Every Girl Deserves A True Love Story



By Monica Sampson

Have you ever been eating a tub of your favorite ice cream, mid creamy delicious spoon when all of a sudden your brain says, “Girl, stop eating this-you don’t deserve it.”

What-a-mood-kill! Your self hatred kicks in and you start thinking of all the individual size ice creams you’ve eaten since you were born. This kind of attitude that your have toward your favorite dessert is the exact same mindset that is destroying your love life.

The concept that you don’t deserve love.

The secret to love is often not what you are willing to give but what you believe you deserve to receive. If we believe we deserve very little then that is what we will settle for. However, here at Reclaiming Pink we believe that every woman deserves nothing less than an epic, true love story. But, nowadays love stories don’t seem that easy to write. How many times have you caught yourself or a friend saying…

“I’m scared he is just with me until someone better comes along….”I’m not sure I’m girlfriend material”….”I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to be official”….”He said he isn’t into being exclusive”….  

Obviously these princesses are not dating Prince Charmings…. But why? Didn’t we all grow up dreaming about the perfect prince who would sweep us off our feet? How come we keep getting stuck with the frog regardless of how many times we kiss it?

Well ladies, I have a secret for you. That little bit of magic you need to attract your prince has less to do with what you think about him and far more to do with what you think about yourself

Our 21st century epidemic of low self-esteem can simply destroy love before it even starts. After all, if a woman feels like she has no value then how could she possibly expect a man to invest in a relationship? If we don’t feel ourselves worthy of respect then it’s no surprise when he treats us like crap.

However, for the first time in history we don’t have to be victims. 21st century women can make choices, both positive and negative, that shape the relationships we end up with. Those choices are informed directly by what we feel we deserve!

We must never sabotage our own love stories, nor allow ourselves to settle for being a ‘background actor’ in someone else’s happiness. We, as the most privileged women in the world, have to make sure that we are our own heroes.

We don’t need a knight in shining armor to prove to us that we are worth love, commitment and respect.


  1. Surround yourself with an environment that helps you see the best in yourself. It is the friends you choose, the sorority you rush, your declaration of major and even where you choose to work. The more evidence you have of how awesome you are the more likely you are to appreciate it!

  2. Never put yourself down and always be the first to pick yourself up after a crash. Speaking badly of yourself is just as bad as if someone else is speaking badly of you. There is a distinction between who you are and how you screwed up. Your mistakes and failures don’t ever define you unless you let them.

  3. Communicate your value. Make sure he knows how awesome you are. If he disagrees then let him walk. You deserve a guy who thinks of you as nothing less than a goddess!

The real secret is that girls that love themselves will be able to be loved by another. They will never settle for the frog. They will find their Prince Charming because it is what they know they deserve and, therefore, demand from the world.

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